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Our Online class lets you complete the State Approved test right from your location using your desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone.

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(Range Qualification is only for Salt Creek Shooting School’s Range Facility.)

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How can I get my License To Carry?

Step 1

Apply To Texas DPS.

Apply Online… Click Here to fill out the Texas DPS online state application.

Step 2

Schedule and Submit Fingerprints

Schedule an appointment online.

Click Here to schedule and complete your fingerprinting.
Service Code: 119Q91

Step 3

Take our State Approved LTC Online Class

Register and Submit Payment, Complete all 12 videos , Pass the Test, Download your Certificate.

Step 4

Find a qualified LTC range instructor

Contact Salt Creek Shooting School to schedule your range qualification

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Range Qualification

Step 5

Submit Supporting Documents to Texas DPS

Click Here to upload the documents directly to Texas DPS.

Step 6


Await processing by Texas DPS.

Depending on the time of year, processing takes a few days to several weeks. Texas DPS will notify you by mail if further information or additional documents are required.

Learn On Any Device

Our Online Course is structured with you in mind… allowing you to use any of your devices. Start on any of your devices, desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile, pause and logout, then log back in on another device to continue. Your progress has been saved and you’re ready to continue right where you left off. You control the pace at which you want to learn. It doesn’t get any easier!

I am certified under Texas GC 411.188 and GC 411.190 to administer the LTC Online Course
(classroom instruction only).


This online course offers similar instruction as our live courses, and is designed for individuals who wish to receive gun training but cannot attend a class in-person. Participants who follow the online course instructions and submit the appropriate paperwork afterwards will receive the same qualifications as our in-person participants

NOTE: You are required to attend a 1 to 2 hour range safety course prior to qualifying on the range. Any approved LTC Instructor may administer the range safety course and certify you on the range.